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From Rijeka, Karlovac or Zadar it is around two hours by car to the Stinica ferry dock on the mainland from where you can reach the Mišnjak dock on the south side of the island of Rab. A service runs here all year round, the trip takes 15 minutes, with departures every one or two hours out of season, and continually in the summer months, and this is the best connection between the island and the mainland(

The ferry service from the port of Lopar on the north side of the island of Rab to the port of Valbiska on the island of Krk and back operates all year round, with departures twice a day, four times a day in the summer months. The journey takes one hour and 30 minutes. (

A return catamaran service for passengers only runs from the port of Rijeka to the port of the town of Rab is maintained all year round, with departures once daily. The journey takes an hour and 45 minutes. (

Island Rab Flora&Fauna

Together with the Croatian island of Mljet, Rab is the greenest island in the Adriatic, and woodlands are a familiar symbol of Rab, with Mediterranean and coastal vegetation covering the ever-green euro-Mediterranean regions of Kalifront (meaning ‘green head’), Fruga, Sorinje and Loparski Gušć over a total area of around 4000 hectares. The most important tree on Rab is the crnika – the Holm Oak or Holly Oak (Quercus ilex). There are few examples of this tree in the Mediterranean that are so impressive in their girth, height and age as those preserved in the Dundo woodland. Among the trees we also come across the wild olive, the Manna Ash, Downy Oak, Service Tree, False Olive, Strawberry Tree, tree heath, Prickly Juniper, and many others, which create an unforgettable display with their array of colours, flowers and fruits, and draw us in with their heady aromas. There are also a number of climbers and creepers, as well as Mediterranean healing herbs – sage, dwarf everlast, basil, rosemary, laurel and others.

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Our house is located on a hill, opposite the old town of Rab, distanced just 10 minutes walk. Every apartment provides a beautiful view at the old town.
It is also very near the harbor, the sea and the most attractive bathing resorts – and one of them is a very popular one, town’s beach called Skver, just 15 minutes walk. There is a taxi boat that will take you to the Frkanj peninsula.